Why are Mixing weighing machines so popular?

  • 2021-11-19

Today, I will introduce a GANTAN Nut Mixing Weighing Machine. Why are hybrid weighing machines so popular now? Let me explain to you today.

***Less heads, more combinations

This Mix Multi head Weighers can weigh 6 products at the same time, up to 8 mixed products (no additional counting device is required). The smallest bucket with the largest capacity.

***Compact size, diameter of the weigher is 1350mm, limited space required.

***Less Giveaway, higher speed


Average giveaway for 6 kinds mixing is less than 1.5g

50 WPM

The speed of 6 kinds mixing is up to 50wpm

***Each is weighed separately

Each kind is individually weighed to ensure the product ration.

Cashew nut 20 %

Almond 20%

Dried Blueberry 12%

Dried cranberry 8%

Walnut 20%

Hazelnut 20%


1.Memory bucket provids doubled combination

2.Each kind is individually weighed without losing speed

3.Intelligent auto compensation to Teduce giveaway.

4.Modular design to ensure minimum fail rate

5.Enhanced CPU, calculation speed increased by 15 %

If you are interested in this nut mixing weighing machine, welcome to contact us, we are a professional weighing and packaging solution supplier.

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