The most important factors when using a multihead scale to weigh anything

  • 2022-08-05

Packaging the correct amount of product can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If your packaging is too heavy, you'll give away free products: if it's too light, your customers won't be happy.

Weighing is an essential part of every consumer product line, and as the primary tool for dispensing, its performance must be maintained at optimal levels to ensure product quality while minimizing giveaways. Since Computer Combination Weighing (CCW), or Multihead Weighing, is known to speed up the packaging process, when using a multihead weigh/scale system to weigh anything, from food and non-food consumer goods to pharmaceuticals, the following are important factor.

Accuracy and Efficiency:
Multi head combination weighers  are a huge step forward, delivering accuracy and efficiency with software improvements, fast digital filtering, floor vibration resistance, fast processing and precise feeder control. Control System Provides optimal product feed and external vibration control for more accurate weighing. Algorithms capable of calculating the three optimal weight combinations, scrutinizing them, and then selecting the one closest to the target weight in a single cycle minimizes errors and increases efficiency while increasing weighing accuracy and consistency. Fast data transfer allows the scale to respond more quickly to control inputs, and enhanced auto-filtering and faster filtering of the load cell's weighing speed signal allows for faster settling. Due to the reduced time at rest, more heads are available for inclusion in combined calculations, increasing the range of weight options and improving accuracy. All of these advanced technologies increase performance speed, reduce giveaways, and provide maximum return on investment.

Weighing experience and expertise:
GUANGDONG GANTAN's multi-head weighing technology can be used in countless fields; applications range in the thousands, and each application has unique characteristics. Choosing a supplier with extensive experience and expertise in multi-head weighing technology applied across multiple product lines, such as Heat and Control, will impact performance. To properly understand the multi-head weighing function and the factors involved in the weighing scale decision-making process, the following aspects must be included: attention to the details of the process, multi-head scale selection, upstream and downstream related equipment, and product characteristics. Configurations should be available to address various elements/challenges such as product integrity, capacity and speed, including product feed/flow rates, pack sizes and pack formats.

If you want to find a high-quality multi-head weigher manufacturer, you can log on to, check the multi-head scale service or get multi-head weighing solutions, and promote the commercial cooperation of the multi-head scale. The high-quality multi-head scale manufacturer can design the multi-head scale according to the needs of customers.

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