Control ingredient mixing with a multi-component, multi-head scale

  • 2022-07-29

For food makers everywhere, ingredient costs have skyrocketed. Whether it’s almonds, dried fruit or other high-value ingredients, there is a growing focus on controlling the mix of cereals, granola and mixed fruit in each bag.

Some companies choose to premix their ingredients and rely on this distribution as the product passes through their weighing and packaging equipment. But this approach may require overestimating different ingredients to meet the desired product mix; thus, increasing product cost.

Alternatively, companies can choose to align multiple scales in sequence. But it also requires purchasing multiple scales and forcing operators to dose each container multiple times, increasing labor costs per package.

However, using GANTAN brand 10-head or 14-head multihead scales, specially designed with dividers that allow multiple product feed streams through a single scale, companies can control a product mix of multiple ingredients simultaneously.

Stop wasting product, money and labor costs and see what a multi-ingredient scale can provide for your product needs.

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