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  • Mixing Projects
    Mixing Projects
    • 2017-10-16

    Gantan has recently installed and commioned for one mixing project. The final user requested one weigher to mix weighing 4 kinds of products with required ratio and final total weights. Gantan has proposed its latest Spark series 24 heads with memory bucket to handle the job. Each product is individually weighed to ensure the required ratio, a unique automatic compensation system is also developed...

  • Gummy bear projects
    Gummy bear projects
    • 2017-08-17

    Gantan has recently succesfully installed three units of multihead weigher for the gummy bear project. Gummy candy is one of the most challenging type of products to multihead weighers due to its stickness. The fine tuned vibrator system from Gantan has successfully not only to move the sticky products but aslo control the product flow to reach a samll weighing portion of only 6 pieces. The high p...

  • Cinnamon sticks weighing
    Cinnamon sticks weighing
    • 2017-08-17

    Gantan again successfully delivered two line of customised stick weigher for the cinnamon sticks. The maximum length of the cinnamon sitck is 180 mm with irregular shaped. and the client required the weigher not only to do the weighing but also to discharge the products in orientation into the pouch. For more info on Gantan stick weigher

  • 24 heads Quadruplex weigher
    24 heads Quadruplex weigher
    • 2017-08-17

    Gantan has made another sounding statement by introducing it 24 heads memory quadruplex weigher. The weigher is 24 heads with memory bucket. The entire weigher is constructed with compact design which resulted in small size but max performance up to 240 wpm. The first weigher is installed on a 4 pouches HFFS machine. The weigher is required to make 4 dumps at same time with 50 cycles/m. To watch v...

  • Noddle weighing
    Noddle weighing
    • 2017-04-06

    The noodle shaped application had always been a challenge to the multihead weigher, it is not only long, sticky and soft but also extremely tangling, those conditions have made weighing by multihead weighers literally impossible. Over the years, many have attempted with the device of roller in between the vibrator channels to guide the products, but only find the rollers jammed with the products. ...

  • New installation in UK
    New installation in UK
    • 2014-09-24

    Gantan has recently installed two units of 14 heads weighers in UK on top of the pizza line. Client approached Gantan initially for a weigher which can make simutaneous twin discharges with the speed of 50 bags/min on each side. Gantan GT-14B 14 heads double chutes weigher was offered and installed ultimately. It is a lot more compact than the 18 heads twin weigher but with no compromise on the sp...

  • Weigher for stick shaped products
    Weigher for stick shaped products
    • 2014-05-22

    The customised weigher for stick shaped products was introduced the market in late 2011. As the only customised chinese weigher for such kind of products, it has enjoyed an overwhelming success on the market. Recently, Gantan has successfully installed 5 units of this weigher at one of the largest production plant for stick shaped biscuit in middle east. And both customer and Gantan are satisfied ...

  • Gantan Solution for HFFS
    Gantan Solution for HFFS
    • 2012-09-19

    Gantan was approached to design the weighing system for the twin sealing horizontal packaging machine. The desired speed is 140 bags per minute. The application is the unwrapped boiled candy which is very fragile. Thus we had a task which not only desire the speed but also cares the products. Two customised gentle slope 14 heads weigher were used, the reduced height, segmented chutes and product s...

  • Gantan Multihead gets ready meal ready
    Gantan Multihead gets ready meal ready
    • 2011-06-11

    At its recent european installation. 3 units of Gantan GT-14ASP weigher were used in the ' ready meal ' Business. Those 3 units of dimple 14 heads weigher were put above the tray line, each weigher is responsible for one ingredient portion. Notably, the rejection mode has been used with all three weigher. A rejection funnel was installed, multihead weigher will automaticaly discharge the unqualifi...

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