The three most important factors when weighing

  • 2022-08-10
Correct product weight can have a major impact on your bottom line. If your packages are too heavy, you will lose money; if they are too light, your consumers will be unhappy.

Weighing is an essential part of every consumer product line, and as the primary tool for distributing weight, its performance must be maintained at optimal levels to ensure product quality while minimizing waste. Multihead weighing is known to speed up the packaging process, so there are a few things to keep in mind when weighing any item with a multihead weighing system.

1. Accuracy and Efficiency

Gantan Multihead Weighing provides accuracy and efficiency through software improvements, fast digital filtering, anti-floor vibration, fast handling and precise feeder control. The control system provides optimal product feeding and external vibration control for more accurate weighing. Fast data transfer enables the weighing to respond more quickly to control inputs, and enhanced auto-filtering and faster filtering of the weighing speed signal from the load cell speed stability. More heads are available for combined calculations due to reduced settling time, increasing the range of weight options and improving accuracy.

2. Weighing experience and expertise

Gantan multi head weighers have a wide range of applications. Choosing a supplier with extensive experience in multihead weighing technology will impact product performance. To properly understand the multihead weighing function and the factors involved in the weighing decision process, it is important to include the following: attention to process details, selection of multihead weighing, upstream and downstream related equipment, and product characteristics. Configurations should be available to address various elements/challenges such as product integrity, capacity and speed, including product feed/flow rates, pack sizes and pack formats. Key features of the scale include a specially designed hopper and reduced hopper angle, allowing product to slide rather than fall out of the scale. Additionally, breakage can be significantly reduced by slowing down each weight as it passes through the scale. Therefore, Gantan scales have a robust design capable of operating in harsh environments and tough products, providing abrasion and water resistance, and improved hygiene and accessibility. These factors help reduce cleaning time, maximize scale availability and maintain hygiene standards.

3. Technical Support

Gantan has a professional R&D team with professionals covering various fields of industrial automation, intelligent weighing and mechanical design. Technicians account for 20% of the company, 3 senior engineers, and many engineers have worked for more than 20 years, making the company maintain a leading domestic level in the field of automatic weighing. It has comprehensive capabilities in design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and commissioning, technical training, and after-sales service. It has obtained the X0.5 scale weighing instrument manufacturing license with the highest level of technological specifications at present, won a number of patents and inventions, and won the Guangzhou Innovation Fund award for many times, and successfully obtained the recognition of high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province.

As production experts, we can reduce troubleshooting and resolution time if a problem arises or a new product presents a unique weighing situation. Our quality training enables our customers' operators to increase production and efficiency.

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