How to use a multihead weigher to package food

  • 2021-11-19

Food packaging machines are developing rapidly in the market. Nowadays, food packaging can follow the trend of the times to better help companies complete what customers need, and also allow my country's food packaging machines to become industry developments in the continuous progress and development. The mainstay.

Food packaging machinery manufacturers also make corresponding technical improvements to the equipment based on the results, so that my country's food packaging machines can meet the needs of the development of the times, and thus progress and grow. What I want to focus on today is the bull scale.

If you want to weigh packaged food in a fast, reliable and accurate way, a food multihead weigher is the ideal solution. This multihead weighing machine is very flexible and suitable for different types of packaging. Learn about the working principles and advantages of bulls here.

How does a multihead weigher work?

The multihead weigher consists of a storage container or storage bin and a weighing bin or weighing hopper. Before using long heads, you must set a target weight for a specific product. For example, the target weight of each package can be 250 grams. The product is sent to the top of the weighing machine and distributed into storage containers through a vibrating chute. Once the weighing bin is empty, the product will fall into it from the tank hopper.

The computer of the scale analyzes the weight in each individual weighing box and determines the best combination between different weighing boxes to achieve the target weight. When a suitable combination is found, the hopper of the corresponding weighing bin is opened and the contents are transported to the packaging machine. There, the products are either packed in bags or passed through a distribution system in pallets or bins.

The food is spread on the Multihead Weigher Packing Machine by gravity, vibration or centrifugal force. Feeding is also via vibration or gravity, but also via belt or screw systems.

An additional layer of hopper ("pressurized hopper") can be added to store products that have been weighed in the weighing hopper but not used for weighing. This increases the number of suitable combinations of computers, thereby increasing speed and accuracy.

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