Food quantitative weighing and packaging solutions

  • 2021-11-22
Improving production efficiency has always been the core of manufacturers. Raw material prices and labor costs continue to rise. In order not to compress corporate profits, many manufacturers are looking for efficiency-enhancing machinery and equipment to improve production efficiency and save costs. Combination packaging scale is a powerful tool to improve efficiency. The combination weigher has the characteristics of extremely fast weighing speed, high accuracy, and high degree of automation, and is mainly used in food and other industries.

System Features
1. The price is affordable and cost-effective.
2. Complete variety and complete auxiliary equipment
3. It is suitable for a wide range of materials and small areas.

Scope of Application:
In addition to the packaging of Chinese herbal medicine pieces, it is suitable for snack foods such as candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen, pistachio, peanut, nut, almond, raisin; pet food; puffed food; hardware, plastic rubber and other granular, flake, strip, etc. Quantitative weighing packaging of round and irregular shapes.

Main Feature:
1. Factory parameter setting recovery function.
2. It can automatically pause when there is no material to make the weighing more stable.
3. High-precision digital sensor realizes high-speed and accurate weighing.
4. The display has its own help menu, which is convenient for learning and application.
5. 100 sets of parameter settings can be stored. Achieve various material requirements.
6. The amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently during operation, which can make the feeding more uniform and improve the combination accuracy.

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