Stick Biscuit Weigher | Make it easier to pack biscuit sticks

  • 2021-12-01
Snacks quantitative bag packaging solutions require gentle craftsmanship, precise weight control, and high output during production links such as weighing, feeding, and packaging. As an expert in vertical packaging solutions, Grandland's fully automated vertical packaging machine can protect the packaged products to a greater extent.

The savoury biscuit sticks are fed to our 14-head combination weigher through a feeding tray or conveyor belt. The entire feeding process is controlled by a horizontal sensor. The products can be accurately measured and placed into the bag with a fixed weight vertically. The checkweigher is used for recording. Produce data and control weight deviation.

The final biscuit sticks are arranged longitudinally, and then grouped and oriented sequentially, and weighed in batches with a weight of 50 g, 150 g and 250 g respectively, and then transported to the sealing machine for packaging. Taking the 250g biscuit stick packaging as an example, its production capacity can reach 27 bags/min. During this process, the broken or residual products will be ejected by the feeding system to ensure the quality of the packaged products.

Overview of the advantages of biscuit stick production line:
Modular design, one-stop delivery
Product processing is gentle, broken or residual products are removed in time, which effectively guarantees product quality
Simple disassembly and easy cleaning

Four sides sealed vertical packaging, more brands revealing space

Our stick biscuit weigher is specially designed for stick shaped products like spicy sticks , with length up to 150mm. The special shaped bucket, V shaped vibrator pan, V shaped chutes and rotary top cone will ensure the stick will keep its upright position when falling into pouch.

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