How to maintain a multi-head combination weigher

  • 2021-12-10

With the current economic development speed, more and more industries are using multi-head combination scales. Many people do not carry out routine maintenance after using too many-head combination scales. This will reduce the service life of our multi-head combination scales. How to maintain the multi-head combination weigher to extend the service life of the multi-head combination weigher? So today, GanTan will take everyone into the daily maintenance of the multi-head combination weigher.


Maintenance key points of multi-head weigher:

During maintenance or function testing of the multi-head combination weigher, the power supply of the equipment must be cut off first, and the operation must be carried out by professionally trained maintenance personnel.

After the multi-head combination weigher has used the equipment every day, clean the main vibration plate, line vibration plate, storage hopper, weighing hopper and other parts that are in direct contact with the tested item. When cleaning, you can enter the manual test menu to turn on the cleaning function, and then Rinse directly with water, or disassemble the parts for cleaning. Please pay attention to the protection of the mirror surface of the parts when cleaning and placing them.

In addition, after the multi-head combination weigher is used, the dust under the parts of the multi-head combination weigher should be cleaned regularly, and special attention should be paid to cleaning the inside of the weighing hopper pendant. It is forbidden to hit, force, or rotate the pendant with your hands or hard objects. Damage to the digital sensor.

The multi-head combination weigher, the vibration intensity of the line vibration machine, the flexibility of the storage hopper and the weighing hopper, and the zero value and full scale value of the digital sensor should be tested regularly for half a year or a year.

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