How to properly clean and maintain the multi-head combination weigher for different applications

  • 2021-12-14
As the core equipment in the automated packaging system, the multi-head combination weigher is a powerful weapon for enterprises to improve production efficiency and increase economic benefits. Doing a good job of daily maintenance can effectively improve the accuracy of weighing and prolong the service life, so as to maximize its economic value.

Note: During maintenance and testing, the power of the multi-head combination weigher must be cut off and the power cord must be unplugged. It is best to be operated by professionally trained maintenance personnel.

However, the applicable materials of the multi-head combination weigher are various,

What targeted cleaning methods need to be carried out?

Non-waterproof models: conventional materials (nuts, candies, etc.)
● You can use an air gun to blow off the surface dust of each component (main vibration plate, line vibration plate, display, chute, etc.), then soak the gauze and wring it dry, and dip a little neutral cleaning fluid (such as alcohol) to clean The parts.

● The detachable parts are directly removed and placed in warm water at 30-50℃ for cleaning. The frequency of cleaning depends on the actual production, usually once a week.

Waterproof model: conventional materials (quick-frozen food, salads, etc.)
● After turning on the cleaning button, turn off the power, and use the shower to directly wash the combination weigher (pay attention to precautions such as the waterproof level).

Non-waterproof model: viscous materials (small fish, pickled mustard, etc.)
● It is recommended to disassemble the parts, wash them with warm water, and soak the parts of the multi-head combination weigher in warm water for about 5 minutes. Use neutral detergent or soap for cleaning.

Waterproof model: viscous materials (pickled cucumbers, radishes, etc.)

● After the cleaning button is turned on, the power is turned off, and the combination weigher can be washed directly in the shower.

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