Precautions for the selection of multi-head combination weigher

  • 2021-12-21

What kind of product is suitable for multi-head combination weigher

Multi-head combination weigher is mainly used for high-speed and high automatic quantitative weighing of uniform and uneven particles, regular and irregular bulk items. Among them, the bulk and light items are large, and the second is the items with poor flow easily. The third category is foods that are difficult to separate; the fourth category is fragile packaged foods; the fifth category is frozen packaged foods; the sixth category is leaky packaged foods; the seventh category is dried and fresh fruits and native products.

What aspects should users pay attention to when choosing a multi-head combination weigher

1. Accuracy requirements
In order to reduce the loss caused by multiple products when choosing a multi-head scale, the user is generally willing to choose a high multi-head scale. Therefore, the user should understand the important allowable error requirements of the packaged food before purchasing the multi-head scale. In my country, the provisions on the content of quantitatively packaged goods are the same as OIML No. 87 International Recommendation. See the chart for specific description:

The accuracy level of the multihead weigher packing machine is named after the x() level, and the numbers of different levels should be filled in () to distinguish its level. If the accuracy level is x(1), then the allowable deviation mpd of each load relative to the multiple weighing value is the same as the T in the above table; second, the allowable value of the average value of multiple weighings and the set value The error Mpse is not more than 1/4T. Of course, the user can choose a higher accuracy level, such as K (0.5) level. For higher-value packaged items, the user can choose this level, but the higher the level, the higher the selling price of the multi-head weigher.

2. Requirement of metering speed
When users choose a multihead weigher, in order to obtain good economic benefits, it is also very important to choose high equipment and fast speed. At present, the weighing speed of domestic ordinary multi-head scales is about 70 bags/min, but the more the number of weighing heads, the faster the speed. For example, the speed of 10-head scale and 14-head scale is 65-140 bags/minute, 16-head scale and 20-head scale. The speed of the scale is 190-240 packs/min. At the same time, the user should also pay attention to the matching speed of the lifting conveyor and the packaging machine at the front and rear ends of the multi-head scale to complete the whole process from weighing and measuring to packaging.

3. Material specific gravity and particle size requirements
For materials with different specific gravities, when selecting a multi-head scale, because the specific gravity of the material is different, even the same weight of the material will have a large difference in volume. Therefore, the user cannot just look at the combined weight of the scale when choosing a multi-head scale. It is necessary to refer to the combined capacity. For example, a multi-head weigher with a combined weight of 1000 grams generally has two specifications with a combined capacity of 2000ml and 5000mi.

For materials with different particle sizes, when choosing a multihead weigher, the user must first look at the particle size of the object to be weighed. Generally, bulk materials are divided into block (>10mm), granular (>0.5-lOmm), and powder (≤0 mm). .5mm) Three situations. Among them, for powdery materials, the user should choose the center column, feeding vibrator, transition hopper and metering hopper in the feeding process to be sealed, leak-proof, and waterproof multi-head weighers. It should be emphasized that the user must consider the reliability of the equipment and the interchangeability of parts when choosing a multihead scale, and do not think that it is enough to meet the functional requirements. Generally speaking, a multi-head weigher is a device that cannot be shut down in the middle of the production line. If you blindly pursue the equipment to be cheap and usable without considering its reliability and interchangeability, it is likely to cause many problems for the user in the production process.

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