How does the combination weigher work and its advantages?

  • 2021-12-31

Multihead weighers (also called combination weighers) are standard equipment for weighing applications in various industries.

But for those who are evaluating their first packaging automation project, or even starting with a semi-automatic packaging system, this concept may benefit from some explanation.

At the basic level, the multihead weigher weighs the bulk products and weighs them into smaller increments according to the weight programmed in the software.

Bulk products are fed into the scale through a feeding hopper at the top (usually via an inclined conveyor or bucket elevator).

The top cone and the feed tray vibrate and move the product gently from the center to the bucket mounted on the edge of the scale. The system has various options and software settings, which can be adjusted according to the product and filling weight.

For some applications, the scale will have a concave steel contact surface, which provides a small surface area for viscous products such as soft candies. The size of the bucket also varies depending on the product being weighed and the filling volume. Although every application is different, bulky products and/or larger containers often result in larger barrels (and vice versa).

Each weighing barrel has its own load cell, which continuously weighs the amount of product it contains, while the product continues to enter it.

In order to reach the target weight, the scale's software will select the sum of the barrel combinations, which add up to the correct amount.

The two main advantages of combination weighers are speed and accuracy.

Each load cell is very accurate, with accuracy as low as a fraction of a gram. With additional automatic check weighing and other modifications, this accuracy range can be further reduced.

In addition, multihead scales do not suffer from the same problems of weighing lumps that may exist in linear scales.

Another major advantage is speed. Since each head on the scale is constantly replenishing and weighing the amount of product they contain, they move faster than operators using manual scales.

GANTAN 's standard multihead weigher has a range of 10 to 24 heads. The more weighing heads on the scale, the more the computer will try to create the correct combination, which ultimately leads to higher speed and better accuracy.

If you have a need for a multi-head weigher, you can contact us and we will help you find the most suitable multi-head combination weigher for your product.

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