Multihead weigher increases the consistency of the mixture

  • 2022-01-07
Multi-head scales provide important advantages for food manufacturers because they strive to meet customer requirements. The use of multi-head scales has gradually replaced traditional weighing and quantitative scales, achieving fully automatic filling and packaging, with fast packaging speed, The advantages of labor-saving.

Advantages of multihead weigher
  •     Accurate measurement of the required mixture
  •     Fast and reliable operation
  •     Flexible product design
  •     Minimize waste
  •     Best quality
The vast majority of food is sold by weight, so it is important to measure the exact amount quickly and again and again to minimize waste or gifts, and this is the purpose of the multihead scale.

The weighing machine operates by arranging multiple hoppers in rows, and each row is equipped with a weighing head. A part of the product to be weighed is sent to each weighing hopper, and the machine's computer will evaluate the best combination of hoppers to form the target weight. Then discharge them together before the hopper is refilled from above-ready for the next weighing combination.

This method has high accuracy when weighing a single product and can be used in a wide range of applications from snacks and candies to grated cheese, salads, fresh meat and poultry. Gantan's extensive multihead weigher product portfolio provides excellent solutions for the weighing and packaging of nuts and dried fruits, cereals and snacks.

Using larger machines with more weighing heads can use the same principles to provide accurate weighing for mixed applications. Each ingredient in the mixture can be distributed to a specific part of the weighing head in the machine. They measure the required amount of each ingredient, and then release them into the packaging through the discharge chute of the multihead weigher. In most cases, they are performed at the same time.

Whether it is a pack of mixed candies, mixed grains, nut mixtures, vegetable salads, and stick biscuits, Gantan has a series of specially designed mixed weighing solutions with 10, 12, 14 and 18 weighing heads, which can measure up to eight types. The different ingredients are weighed, mixed, and weighed so that a consistent amount of each ingredient is contained in each part of the mixture.

This accuracy means that brand consistency can be maintained and legal requirements can be met when specifying the percentage of ingredients in the mixture. Manufacturers can also control the product ratio of each part to manage the number of the most expensive ingredients in any combination and maximize profits.

Gantan offers a wide range of high-performance professional multihead scales, which are specifically designed to provide solutions for mixed products or multi-export applications.

By combining the weighing performance of two more conventional multihead scales into one professional weighing solution, you can save factory space and labor costs.

We can provide a series of solutions to deal with mixed products of 2 to 8 different products. It is ideal for candy, ready-to-eat food, mixed vegetables, fruits and grains.

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