What are the requirements for buying a mix multi head weighers?

  • 2022-01-24
1. Accuracy requirements
When choosing a mix multi head weighers, in order to reduce the loss caused by multi-packed products, users are generally willing to choose a high-precision mix multi head weighers. Therefore, users should understand the important allowable error requirements of packaged food before purchasing a mix multi head weighers.

2. Requirements for metering speed
When users choose a mix multi head weighers, in order to obtain good economic benefits, it is also very important to choose high-precision equipment at the same time as fast speed. At present, the weighing speed of ordinary mix multi head weighers in China is about 60 bags/min, but the more weighing heads, the faster the speed. At the same time, users should also pay attention to matching vertical conveyors and packaging machines with comparable speeds at the front and rear ends of the computerized multi-head scale to complete the whole process from weighing and measuring to packaging.

3. Requirements for material specific gravity and particle size
For materials with different specific gravity, when choosing a mix multi head weighers, because the specific gravity of the material is different, even the material of the same weight, its volume is different.

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