Precautions for the use of combination scales |

  • 2022-01-21

Precautions for the use of multi-head combination scales

1. It is forbidden to hit or press the weighing bucket;

2. Check and clean the residual materials inside the machine before running, and set it to zero;

3. The power supply must be disconnected when maintaining and cleaning the machine;

4. When the electrical components fail, the power must be disconnected first, and it must be repaired by electronic engineering personnel;

5. Before cleaning, repairing, maintaining or operating the machine, make sure that the machine is stable and firm (the combination scale may be installed on the packaging machine when in use, and the center of gravity will be high, so pay attention to whether the installation is firm);

6. For the online signal with other equipment (generally connected with conveyor feeding equipment), the DC voltage should not exceed 30V, and the load current should not exceed 100mA (for online signal, please refer to the IO signal table in Chapter 8 of this description);

7. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the hopper door and various moving mechanical parts to avoid personal injury;

8. Please read this manual before the first operation, and set the program parameters and system parameters correctly.

9. Note that when the combination scale is running, it will affect the work of other electronic equipment. Therefore, when the combination scale is running, please keep other electronic devices away from the combination scale.


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