Performance index of automatic control system of automatic packaging/weighing machine

  • 2022-02-14

With the development of social economy, there are more and more styles of packaging machines. Generally, automatic packaging machines are used in food, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, etc. In order to complete multiple processes at one time, digital packaging machines are gradually appearing in front of us. , then what are the performance indicators of these packaging/weighing machine automatic control systems?

The main performance indicators of the automatic control system of the automatic packaging machine are: stability, rapidity and accuracy.

1. Stability Due to the inertia of the automatic control system of the automatic packaging machine, when the parameters of the system are not allocated properly, it will cause the system to oscillate and lose its working ability. Stability refers to the tendency of a dynamic process to oscillate and the ability of the system to return to an equilibrium state. When the disturbance or the given value changes, the output will deviate from the original stable value. Relying on the feedback effect, the automatic packaging machine automatically controls the internal adjustment function of the system. The system continues to converge with time, and finally returns to the original stability. value or follow the given value to stabilize. If for some reason the system diverges and becomes unstable, the system cannot work. Stability requirements are the primary condition for the system to work. 

2. Rapidity Due to the limitation of inertia or energy power, the changes of various values in the automatic control system of the automatic packaging machine cannot be abruptly changed. It takes a fixed time to transition from a steady state to a new steady state. That is, it needs to go through a transition process. Rapidity indicates how quickly the system eliminates the deviation and restores the steady state when there is a deviation between the system output and a given value.

The same is true for Combination Weighers, which must be done quickly to make the entire packaging process smoother.

3. Accuracy Accuracy, also known as static accuracy, refers to the deviation between the output of the automatic control system of the automatic packaging machine after the adjustment process and the given value, indicating the accuracy of the system and an important indicator for measuring the working performance of the system. Some systems require high precision for accuracy, such as position control. The accuracy of the general constant temperature and constant speed systems can be within 1% of the given value. Due to the different specific conditions of the controlled object, different systems have different requirements for stability, accuracy and speed. For example, the follow-up system has high requirements on rapidity, while the speed control system has strict requirements on stability. The performance of the same-system is mutually restricted between stability, accuracy and speed. A system with good fast performance may be prone to oscillation; a system with good stability may have a slow adjustment process and poor accuracy. Specific analysis should be carried out according to the work objectives of the system, grasping the main contradiction and taking into account others.

The automatic packaging machine is a machine that has gradually matured in line with the development of the market. It is a machine with high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenience and environmental protection, which brings good news to the domestic packaging market.

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