What are the functions of the electronic multihead weigher

  • 2020-11-20
    Electronic multihead weigher is a high-speed, precise quantitative weighing equipment, which is widely used in many industries, so do you want to know the specific novel functions of electronic multi-head scale? And what are the benefits of the sequential feeding function of the electronic multihead weigher? Users who want to know more about the electronic multihead weigher can read the following!

What are the main functions of the electronic multihead weigher?

    The electronic multi-head weigher has functions that customers pay more attention to, such as sequential feeding, collecting hopper sorting and processing system; it is equipped with a large-scale liquid crystal display that can be converted in multiple languages, a computer connection, and a rotatable main vibration machine that is good for uniform vibration of the material, which is good for adjustment Speed prevents jamming, freely setting the motor's door opening angle and other technical functions; in addition, it also has functions such as the use of high-precision digital load cells, IP65 waterproof and dustproof, fault self-diagnosis, and complete machine simulation operation.

How does the sequential feeding completely solve the problem of material blocking?

    The most important thing about the electronic multihead weigher is its combination principle. Through permutation and combination, the combination that is closest to the target weight is selected each time. However, in the past combination weigher, each combination bucket is opened together every time the material is weighed. Larger (such as walnuts, jelly) or large weighing specifications (such as 300g/bag or larger), when each combination hopper is opened at the same time, it will form a buildup at the discharge port of the combination weigher chute and cause blockage, electronic long The newly-developed sequential feeding function of the scale can be set to allow the combined hoppers to be discharged at a certain interval of time. For example, if it is set to 0.01, the combined hoppers are separated by 0.01 seconds each time they are weighed, which completely avoids the "traffic jam" problem.

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