Gummy Candy Multi Head Weigher

  • 2020-11-20
Gummy candy is one of the most challenging type of products to multihead weighers due to its stickness. The fine tuned vibrator system from Gantan has successfully not only to move the sticky products but aslo control the product flow to reach a samll weighing portion of only 6 pieces.

Gummy candy multi-head weigher is a quantitative weighing device suitable for soft and viscous materials. When this multi-head weigher weighs, the vibrator can automatically adjust the amount of vibration according to different target weight values, so that the feeding is more uniform and the combination is higher. In addition, all parts of the computer multi-head weigher in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic in use. The sealed and waterproof design prevents foreign objects from entering and is easy to clean.
Gummy candy multi-head weigher
1. Application scope of gummy candy multi-head weigher:
Applicable to fill materials such as candies, preserves, roasted nuts, tea, liquids and powder.
The machines are suitable for filling solids (particles), capping, screwing caps and electromagnetic sealing.

2. Mechanical characteristics and product characteristics of gummy candy multi-head weigher:
(1) The reinforced linear vibrator cooperates with the adjustable-speed rotating main vibrator to ensure smooth feeding;
(2) The gummy candy multi-head weigher uses a 60-degree small angle pattern lower chute to effectively control the sticking phenomenon.

3. The function characteristics of the gummy candy multi-head weigher:
(1) Weigh by combination weighers;
(2) Fill by turntable positioning;
(3) Cap and screw caps by turntable positioning;
(4) Automatically supply and discharge bottles;
(5) Use imported programmable logic controllers (PLC), touchscreen control and humanistic
intelligent high-speed control system;

(6) Products such as automatic bottle supply/discharge devices, automatic bottle unscramblers, capping machines, automatic cap screwing machines, cap seaming machines, labellers for finished products, inkjet printers, feeding machines, automatic weighers and benches are optional.


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