Wide Application Of Automatic Multihead Weigher

  • 2020-11-23
Gantan's fresh food weighers are a revolution in weighing of fresh and sticky products. It is a good news for greasy/sticky and fragile food products.

Some foods such as herring fillets are notorious for their stickiness when they are to be handled in the industry, but Gantan multihead weighers have a special design with effective vibrator channels, which ensure stable feeding of all products, including difficult and sticky products. It increases the out-put quality and productivity of the packing line.

Filling bags
It is possible to weigh and portion products for bags in a variety of sizes and weights.

Combination weighing
Products consisting of up to eight different components can be mixed at high speed and with precision on a multihead weigher. For example, müesli where nut, grain and other ingredients are mixed together.

Placing in trays
Here, products that are to be placed in trays are weighed and fed - in an effective way without splattering.

Sticky products

Some products are notorious for their stickiness, but the vibration frequency, amplitude and curve can be set to match the product. This means that even very problematic products can be handled.

Fragile products
By using advanced vibration technology, an automatic multihead weigher can handle these products very gently and efficiently.

A plus has been introduced to the market since 2012 as the enhanced version of its previous entry level model.The key feature is the iconic Gantan modular control system.

Modular control system is the control system developed by Gantan,each heads is control by an independent control unit, completely interchangeable and with no inter-connection nor interference between different heads.

Industry leading fresh and sticky product weigher, for accurate automatic multihead weigher and the improved flow of sticky foods. Hope to establish the long-term business relationship with you.

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