The Development And Working Principle Of Computer Combination Weigher

  • 2021-06-18
Computer combination weigher is an intelligent combination quantitative automatic packaging weighing machine newly developed in the weighing industry. With the rise of global supermarkets, pre-packaged foods dominate, and the development of pre-packages promotes the development of packaging scales. However, most of the pre-packaged foods are of uneven particle or block type. For the packaging of such items, if conventional single-bucket or multi-bucket measuring packaging scales continue to be used, it will be difficult to meet the requirements in terms of weighing accuracy and speed. For this reason, a high-efficiency computerized combination weigher for measuring and distributing uneven goods came into being.

Working Principle of Computer Combination Scale
The material is sent to the storage hopper through the lifting conveyor. When the material is added to the pre-set horizontal position, the horizontal photoelectric detector placed above the storage hopper sends a signal through detection to stop the lifting and conveying mechanism from feeding. When the horizontal position of the material on the storage hopper drops to the pre-set horizontal position, the horizontal photodetector sends out a signal to start feeding. The materials entering the storage hopper are sent to the buffer hopper from the shallow vibrating plate, and then sent to the weighing hopper from the buffer hopper. The materials in the weighing hopper are weighed by the load cell, and the output signal is sent to the microprocessor. Since there are multiple weighing hoppers along the entire circumference of the scale body, the weighing signal is input into the computer at the same time, and the computer performs random combination calculations. The patrol detection combination finds the weighing hopper combination closest to the target weight at the fastest speed. Count, carry out A combination. The materials in the weighing hopper of the selected combination are actuated by the opening and closing control mechanism of the weighing hopper, and the materials are unloaded, and reach the collecting hopper through sorting, and then enter the automatic packaging machine below. At this time, in addition to the selected combination of empty weighing hoppers, the other full weighing hoppers start the B combination calculation again, find the weighing hopper closest to the target weight, and then continue to perform the B combination again and again to achieve high speed and high speed. Accurate quantitative weighing.

The biggest feature of the computerized combination weigher is that multiple weighing hoppers are being fed at the same time. For example, when the number of weighing heads is 14, there are 14 weighing hoppers being fed at the same time. Due to the unevenness of the material being fed, the weighing of each hopper has a considerable deviation. First, the load cell is used to quickly determine the weight of the sugar bag of the material in each bucket, and then the computer adopts a random combination operation method. The number of operations is 2N-1 time, that is, the number of operations for 14 buckets is 214-1 = 16,383 times. The calculation result of each combination is compared with the set target weight. Each combination is generally 3 to 5 buckets. (If the combination of 3 to 5 buckets is not equal to the target weight value, the line vibration plate on each weighing bucket can be adjusted The amplitude level of )»If there are too many buckets in the combination, the efficiency is not high, and the combination accuracy is not high when the number of buckets is small. In actual operation, firstly, 14 hoppers are fed at the same time. The first combination of A is the discharge of 3 of the 14 hoppers, and the remaining 11 hoppers are used for the second combination of B. The third time is from the remaining The next 8 buckets plus the 3 buckets that are filled up after the first discharge, that is, the third C combination of 11 buckets, and the fourth D combination of 11 buckets... .... The execution time before and after the program of a single weighing hopper is about 1200m s, of which the combined time is about 200ms, and the total packaging speed can reach more than 80 packs/min. If the structure of double scale, Emperor memory bucket, weighing head number is 20, the total packaging speed can be as high as 240 packs/min.

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