Multi-head weigher - a hot spot in the food packaging industry

  • 2021-06-18
The multi-head weigher originated in Japan. Because the multi-head weigher has good performance in terms of accuracy and speed, it has been quickly and widely used in the food industry. It is a key equipment for automated production in food factories. Guangdong Guangtian Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and innovative enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent weighing equipment, weighing packaging systems and various automatic control equipment such as gravity automatic weighing instruments in China. And has comprehensive capabilities in many aspects, from design and development, manufacturing, marketing, installation and commissioning, technical training to after-sales service.

As a food company, if you want to know more about multi-head scales, you need to understand the precautions when buying multi-head scales.

1. The first thing to consider is whether the weighing speed of the multi-head scale matches the production line of your own enterprise. General combination weigher quantitative weighing and packaging system is mainly composed of combination weigher, vertical packaging machine, vibrating feeder, Z-conveyor, support platform and so on. The weighing speed of the multihead weigher mainly depends on the number of weighing hoppers involved. The more weighing hoppers, the faster the weighing speed. If the company has a ready-made packaging machine, then the speed of the multi-head weigher should refer to the running speed of the packaging machine when choosing the speed of the multi-head weigher, but the speed of the multi-head weigher should be slightly higher than that of the packaging machine speed.

2. Secondly, the weighing range of the product, the size, shape, and viscosity of the product should be considered. If the weighing range is large, the combination weigher with 14 heads or more should be considered; if the material is sticky, The feeding hopper and weighing hopper that are in contact with the material should have anti-sticking properties. Generally, the concave-convex type weighing hopper will be selected, otherwise the speed and accuracy of the multi-head weigher will be affected.

3. Finally, consider the weighing accuracy of the multihead weigher. Although the multihead weigher is a very mature product, the accuracy of the load cell used in these measurements is not the same. Some multi-head scales are analog signals. At present, the analog signals are basically pirated scales. The scales mainly have problems such as unstable performance, easy to burn motherboards, and 15 second-hand sources. The biggest problem is that the product is basically defective. No ability to improve. Have

The multihead weigher basically does not need to be repaired during use, and only needs to be cleaned daily. In addition, food companies should pay special attention to two points in the process of using multi-head scales: First, keep the continuity, stability, and reasonableness of the supply as much as possible. If the supply fluctuates, make the weighing hopper Too much or too little materials will cause the difficulty or failure of the combination of the multi-head weigher, which will reduce the speed and accuracy of weighing; secondly, the weighing hopper should be as light as possible when disassembling and assembling the weighing hopper. Excessive force will cause the load cell Damaged affects the weighing accuracy and even cannot be used.

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