Advantages of multihead weighing machine in the food industry

  • 2021-06-11

When your food industry business deals exclusively with fresh products, you must weigh them effectively while moving at extremely high speeds to ensure that the goods are packaged properly and efficiently, without waste, to increase your profits.

Which products might benefit?

By adding a multi-head weigher to the production plan, fresh products such as meat, fish, cheese, salad and pasta can be weighed and delivered to the packaging at an extremely fast speed. These products may have previously been considered difficult to weigh effectively, or were often stuck in weighing equipment.

The multi-head weigher can flexibly program a variety of different weights in the weighing head instead of operating with a specific weight in the machine.

What about integration?

You can use the machine as a standalone multihead weigher or integrate it into a production line to create a system that meets your exact requirements.

When you incorporate the weigher into the production line, you need to consider the conveyor system that transports the product to the weigher and how the goods move to the final packaging.

Since these machines are specially produced for the food sector, the hygienic design and use of stainless steel in the machine is ensured. The operating system can be adjusted to make it both intelligent in use and user-friendly during operation.

multihead weigher for salad vegetables

When you can explain the detailed information about your specific product and precise requirements, we can guide you to the best multihead weigher in our range so that you can introduce the most suitable model into your production system. Gantan specializes in producing food multi-head scales, and supports customization. Welcome to consult!

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