Research about mixing weigher and weighing method

  • 2021-06-24

Mixing weigher is usually composed of multiple weighing units. At present, 8 weighing units are widely used. Each weighing is composed of a buffer hopper and a weighing hopper. The buffer hopper, feeding port and weighing are measured by a computer. The hopper, etc. are controlled.

In China, the research in the field of computer mixing weigher started relatively late, which makes the self-developed computer mixing weigher have some imperfections. For example, the independently developed computer combination weigher takes a long time after inputting the weighing weight. To optimize the best combination plan, the production efficiency of the enterprise has not been greatly improved, and the results obtained by optimization may deviate from the best plan; in addition, the self-developed computer combination weigher has no foreign equipment structure in the appearance structure. Beautiful and generous, the domestic equipment is relatively bulky and inconvenient to use due to the immature technology.

This topic studies the real-time online sorting and weighing system. The frozen aquatic products that are weighing objects are not regular in shape and weight, which is difficult to achieve if traditional weighing methods are used. The computer combination weigher can realize the weighing process of frozen aquatic products, but because of its high cost, many domestic enterprises are unable to purchase it. If the weighing process of frozen aquatic products can be solved well, it will inevitably accelerate the progress of this field in China. Therefore, for this special weighing object, a new combination sorting and weighing scheme is proposed.

At present, there is no better solution to this problem in China. The most conventional method is to do it manually, that is, the weighing object is sent to the weighing area by the conveyor belt, and a large number of operators are evenly alive in the weighing area, and then Random samples are taken from the raw materials and placed on a static scale for weighing. If the quantitative requirements are met, they will be sent to the next step. Otherwise, the raw materials need to be continuously exchanged until the quantitative requirements are met. There is a large uncertainty in this operation method. It requires multiple repetitions and verifications, which makes the production efficiency relatively low, the production cycle is long, the labor intensity of the operators is high, it is difficult to ensure the sorting accuracy, and the production is interrupted and unstable, which limits the further development of the production. Waste a lot of manpower and material resources and increase production costs.

In response to this problem, a new combined sorting and weighing scheme is proposed. The weighing process is as follows: The operator also randomly selects the weighing object for weighing, the difference is that after weighing, there is no need to consider whether the weighing result reaches a quantitative value. Instead, the weighing results are classified according to requirements, and finally a sample combination is drawn from the classified results in a certain way to achieve the processing quantitative value. The advantage of this scheme is that it does not require operators to perform repeated inspections, which can effectively shorten the production cycle, reduce the labor intensity of the operators, reduce production costs, and maximize the benefits of the enterprise.

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