Gantan compact weigher for small weight products

  • 2020-09-03

Gantan compact weigher is ideal for handling small weight portion, minimum space is required.

14-head food weigher

With Modual control system, Gantan 14-head weigher can handle target weights from small weight products as low as 2 grams up to 65 weighments per minute, making this model ideal for handling applications such as tea leaves, soup ingredients, dehydrated vegetables, spices and herbs, tablets and capsules, and cannabis flower.  High precision loadcells with two decimal places for higher accuacy.

It also has central loadcell for product level control with compact but robust design. Full SUS304 construction easy to clean and Touch screen HMI make operation esay. Troughs, hoppers and chutes are easily removable without tools to make cleaning quick and easy. With minimum gap between main body parts and discharge chutes, the Micro design minimizes risk of product spillage or loss within production.

Gantan compact weigher is available with plain, dimple & teflon surface.  The compact weigher is available in both 10 & 14 heads., all with self-diagnostics, and can automatic frequency control.

It's not only easier to clean, but simpler to operate. An interactive 3D menu with clear icons and a  10" touch screen  makes machine operation easy to understand and control.

The tiny but strong multihead weigher delivers the most flexible production solution within the smallest footprint while still delivering highest productivity and lowest product give away.

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