How to Mixture 6 Kinds Food With Multihead Weigher Packing System

  • 2020-09-02

To Mixing 6 kinds of products into one bag with high speed (Up to 55 weighment/minute) and precision, we can use this MIXING WEIGHER with below steps:

1. 3 weighing mode for selection: Mixture, twin & high speed weighing with one bagger;

2. Discharge angle design into vertically to connect with twin bagger, less collision & higher speed;

3. Select and check different program on running menu without password, user-friendly;

4. One touch screen on twin weigher, easy operation;

5. Central load cell for ancillary feed system, suitable for different product;

6. All food contact parts can be took out for cleaning without tool;

7. Check weigher signal feedback to auto adjust weighing in better accuracy;

8. PC monitor for all weigher working condition by lane, easy for production management;

9. Optional CAN bus protocol for higher speed and stable performance.

For some Liquid food or the seafood industry, you can also choose our Waterproof Weigher.

Gantan offers a wide range of solutions for your mixing applications, have any questions about the operation of Multihead Weigher Packing System , please contact us,we'll reply as soon!

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