Multihead weighers specially developed for fragile products

  • 2020-08-28
What should also to be taken into consideration when weighing fragile goods is to reduce the drop height of the product to a minimum. The goods should be passed from the conveyer belt to the top cone of the multihead weigher in a smooth manner. For fragile applications, a low inclination of the top cone and the linear feed pans is recommended. For the protection of the products, an appropriate shape and size for the linear feed pans is equally important. As a surface for all product-touching parts, we recommend special materials. The make-up of these materials slows down the product flow and protects the goods. Uncontrollable rolling and sliding might damage the edges of goods such as biscuits. Moreover, pressure marks might occur through friction on chocolate-covered products like dried fruits or jellies. This kind of damage dramatically reduces the quality of your product!

The next phase of the weighing process leads to the feed and weighing buckets. Here, several options can assist you in protecting the product. The size, shape, and surfaces of the buckets play a key role here. However, a variety of surface coatings can be provided to protect the product from damage.

The last challenge is the transfer of the goods via the collecting shoots into the bag. It is a given that we cannot outwit the gravitational force. This means that if you want to speed up your packaging process, you run the risk of increasing the share of damaged product! However, here too Gantan can offer a brilliant solution. Here the so-called product stopper and the shape of the collecting shoots control the product flow. The advanced software in particular enables you to perform your weighing and packaging process with speed while at the same time protecting the goods from damage.

The commitment of Gantan is to design and provide Chinese made weighing machine solutions with premium quality and standards.

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