Application Of Multi Head Weigher For Fresh Products

  • 2020-08-26
Multihead weighers offer an efficient weighing and packaging solution for products that are currently still being weighed manually. Below you will find a description of the function of these semi automatic combination weighers and IP65 waterproof weigher.

Multi head Weigher

The machine is optimally suited for the weighing of high-quality single items with predetermined weights that are destined to be sold in the self-service section of supermarkets. Meat in the form of cutlets, goulash or sausages as well as fish and sea food are examples here. Semi automatic multihead weighers are also extensively used in the weighing and packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables. The conventional portioning methods lead to a significant deviation from the target weight. By legal requirement, the minimal volume contained in a package is not allowed to fall below the amount indicated on the label. As the products can mostly not be divided up, this often leads to a surplus of product in the package. Numerous tests conducted for our customers have shown that there is a quick return on investment; in the case of beef goulash, for example, as soon as 6 months. This is only possible due to the reduction of surplus weight in the packages.

With its excellent hygienic properties (IP65), the weigher can be used for virtually any application while respecting the hygiene standards of the international food industry. Furthermore the use of human manpower, which generally represents a risk factor in the food industry, is greatly reduced.

Most Gantan models are availale in IP65 water resistant form at request.

IP65 waterproof weigher

Over the years, Gantan has sucessfully delivered over 200 units  of waterproof weighers to the seafood industry, and based on those valuable experience with the toughest working enviornment, we were able to provide tthe true water resistant weighers.

This ensures Gantan IP65 waterproof weigher been able to work in the moist environment and to be washed down with water.

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