Gantan High Speed Multihead Mixing Weigher

  • 2020-08-21
As a producer of food, hardware, or detergents, you need to know which machinery can be implemented in your production and packaging process. You also need to know which manufacturers offer what you need. Many products on the supermarkets’ shelves are compositions of components, mixed in a predefined proportion. To satisfy your customers, you need to provide both quality and an accurate composition, tolerating only minor deviations.

The High Speed Multihead Mixing Weigher is capable of mixing up to 8 kinds of products.  The spark series weigher is capable of mixing up to 8 kinds of products. With the boost of memory bucket, multiple product mixing can be achieved with minimum number of heads with no comprise on the combination possibility.

  • The packaging process for product mixes can be optimized through application of special Gantan equipment.
  • Gantan´s advanced multihead technologies reduce the loss of product and lead to excellent precision.
  • Gantan´s weigher is capable of mixing up to 8 kinds of products.
  • Various bucket capacities are available to handle from small portion mixing to large weight mixing.

Multihead Mixing Weigher

Weighing and dosing of mixed products is one of our core competences. Before purchasing a multihead weigher, please consult us for advice and for a free test with your original product. Furthermore you have the possibility to convert already installed machines into mixing scales in order to develop completely new product ranges.

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