Food Multihead Weighers Are Essential To The Improvement Of Package Efficiency

  • 2021-01-14

The importance of packaging is reflected in all walks of life, especially the food and production industries. Food and packaging professionals are also paying more and more attention to the choice of packaging machinery and food multihead weighers.

From entry-level to high-spec models, all Gantan's multihead weighers combine high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Features of Gantan food multihead weigher:

Greater accuracy

The advanced technology behind the multihead weighers speed and efficiency also brings greater accuracy. This ensures that every weighment has a greater chance of being close to the target weight, maximising yield and reducing giveaway to fractions of a gram.

Hygienic and easy to clean

Gantan combines its development resources with its ever-growing practical experience to eliminate food traps and make key parts both easier to reach and more effectively cleanable using standard methods. Each hopper can be simply lifted off by hand and placed on a washwall or in a washing machine.

User friendly interface

A touch screen RCU is supplied as standard. All operators are guided through the functionality of the machine with a clear menu-driven interface. A range of operator security protection options are available to ensure sensitive parameter settings are not adjusted. As well as self-diagnosis RCU interface for immediate and clear trouble shooting.

Each reform and adjustment of the multihead weighing packaging machine will greatly promote the refinement and packaging efficiency of the food packaging industry. Our company will continue to work hard to ensure that we provide more high-quality weighing machinery for the majority of food processors.

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