Professional Multi head Weighing Solutions From Gantan

  • 2021-01-14

GUANGDONG GANTAN PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is the privately owned manufacturing company which specialises in designing and providing multi head weighing solutions.

The commitment of Gantan is to design and provide Chinese made multihead weighing solutions with premium quality and standards.

Our experience in weighing technology dates back as far as 2009. The ability to solve complicated portion weighing tasks by providing simple solutions is our specialty. Our solutions are developed by combining our weighing technology with our 12 years of experience within other areas of the food industry.

We tailor-make solutions to match individual requirements, and we provide complete solutions for weighing, filling and packing products into bags, buckets, cans, glass jars, cups and trays; premade, thermoformed etc.

Gantan B series weigher is considered  the most advanced, user friendly and reliable chinese weigher;

Our stick weigher is specially designed for stick shaped products like spicy sticks , with length up to 150mm ;

Our multihead salad weigher is customised for handling light leaf product.  Modular control system, Enhanced vibrators to move light leaf effectively, 5L bucket suitable for large volume, Central loadcell for product level control.

The benefits of long scales are obvious. The multi-head weigher has also improved a lot in its versatility in handling and weighing different products, which not only greatly reduces labor costs, but also reduces many packaging losses. Combine your product features and characteristics, and choose a suitable exclusive weighing solution for your product!

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