Application Fields of Multihead Weigher

  • 2021-01-08
Over the years, the Multihead weigher category has evolved for specific products, such as those with a smooth finish, a specially handled chute and a specific jitter frequency, and fragile items with shorter drop distances and cushioning pads. The weighing of mixed products can be achieved by group weighing, and in recent years spiral channels and teflon coating solution have been developed for handling sticky or wet products. The multi-weight scale has so far dominated the market, becoming one of the few, perhaps the only, solid package weighing solutions available, and it’s still evolving.

Sticky products

Fresh meat and fish, whether in a sauce or not, poultry and cheese  can be moved along by using belts or screw feeders rather than vibration.

Granules and powders

While free-flowing, fine-grained powders can be weighed more cheaply by other means , granules such as coffee granules and products such as loose tea can be weighed on today’s multiheads.

Fragile products

Weighers with more shallow angles of descent and various cushioned inserts have made it possible to pack delicate and brittle items such as hand-made chocolates and gourmet biscuits. These are often paired with baggers or other packaging systems designed to handle fragile products.

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