Which automation technologies are used in packaging machinery and equipment?

  • 2021-10-29
1. Control technology: The inverter plays an extremely important role and significance in the modern packaging process. It can control the unpackaged goods to the designated packaging area. It can be seen that the inverter is the basis of the entire packaging. Control technology has some characteristics such as fast response speed and high operating efficiency, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of packaging machinery. For example, most control systems of packaging machinery choose to use PLC control systems, because PLC control systems have the characteristics of convenient and flexible programming, stable operation, strong anti-interference and high reliability. The applications of frequency converters and PLCs are mainly concentrated on packaging equipment such as fully automatic packaging machines and convenience food production lines.

2. Display: The display is the main embodiment of the application of automation technology in packaging machinery. Through the application of automation technology, it can display the converted analog signal in the computer terminal. At the same time, the automation display can also monitor the situation of the packaging machinery during operation. The detection display allows people to observe intuitively through the display, facilitates the staff to make timely adjustments and corrections, and provides the staff with a reliable data support. Based on this, the relevant personnel can carry out the corresponding processing of the equipment in time. Ensuring that packaging machinery and equipment can always be in normal operation can reduce economic losses and ensure the safe and stable operation of the packaging process.

3. Sensor technology: In the production of packaging machinery industry, sensor technology is a very important automation technology. Automatic control and implementation testing are the two main technologies in the production of packaging machinery, while sensor technology is the key technology in the process of connecting automatic control and implementation testing. The salt transmitter technology is used in the production process of the packaging machinery industry and can be used for packaging machinery production lines. In the process of cleaning, heating, packaging and other processes, automatic testing and control testing are carried out to provide guarantee for the efficiency and quality of packaging machinery.

Safety monitoring technology: Safety is no small matter, especially food safety, which is related to people's livelihood. Therefore, the packaging machinery industry must attach great importance to the introduction and update of detection technology. In recent years, the issue of packaging safety has received widespread attention from the society, and consumers’ awareness of packaging safety is also increasing, especially for food packaging. Safety detection technologies include safety detection methods and many other aspects. The packaging machinery industry needs to reasonably introduce safety detection technologies in all aspects.


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