Combination weigher plays an increasingly important role in people's life and production

  • 2021-10-20

With the continuous development of society, mechanical automation has shown the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency, environmental protection and saving in many fields, and it plays an increasingly important role in people's life and production. The following analyzes the advantages of mechanical automation from the following aspects:

1. Save time, effort and more convenient
The previous machines were all driven by people, and they needed to be stared at all the time. With automation technology and Combination weigher technology , it is much more convenient, and it is not necessary to watch the program all the time. If the machine fails, the machine will take self-protection measures, self-repair and self-alarm, which saves time, effort and safety.

2. Improve material usage
Manual production and processing accuracy is very low. Once the production fails, the processing has to be restarted. As a result, the production efficiency is low and it is not conducive to cost saving. Automated production technology, high production accuracy, and can save the waste of labor and materials. In the weighing process of products like a combination weigher, the minimum weighing accuracy of 0.1-0.5g can generally be achieved, which saves costs to the greatest extent and improves economic benefits.

3. Equipment maintenance is easier
There is a lot of disassembly work in the maintenance of old equipment, and the automation equipment is relatively better. As far as the combination weigher product is concerned, each component adopts a modular design, which makes the components more interchangeable and more convenient for maintenance.

As an important part of the machinery industry, food packaging machinery is getting more and more attention due to factors such as food safety. As the core machinery of food packaging machinery-combination weigher has also been more widely used.

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