The overall trend of future development of packaging machinery

  • 2021-10-15
(1) Compatibility: Only attach importance to the production of the main engine, without considering the completeness of the supporting equipment. Will make the function of packaging machinery application can not be played out. Therefore, the development of supporting equipment to maximize the function of the host is a crucial factor to improve the market competitiveness and economic efficiency of the equipment.

(2) Simple and convenient: the future packaging machinery must have the conditions of multi-function, simple adjustment and operation. Computer-based intelligent instruments will become a new trend in food packaging controllers. Structural design and structural motion control are related to the performance of packaging machinery. It can be completed by high-precision controllers such as motors, encoders, digital control (NC), and power load control (PLC). The future packaging market. Efficient customer service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions.

(3) High automation: In the future, the packaging machinery industry will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation, and technological development will develop in four directions. That is, the diversification of mechanical functions, standardization and modularization of structural design, intelligent control, and high-precision structure.

(4) High productivity: Packaging machinery manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the development of fast and low-cost packaging equipment. The future development trend is that the equipment is smaller, more flexible, multi-purpose, and high-efficiency, which can save time and reduce costs. Therefore, what the packaging industry is pursuing is a combined, compact, and movable packaging equipment.

(5) To adapt to the requirements of the international market, develop and design green packaging machinery: In the design stage, it is necessary to consider the packaging machinery in its entire life cycle (design, manufacturing, assembly, use, maintenance. Until the disposal process after disposal) The environment has no impact or the impact is minimized to enhance the core competitiveness of my country's packaging machinery. During the design, the "green design" should be carried out from several aspects such as the structure of the equipment, the materials used, the manufacturing process, the modularization, the disassembly, the balanced life, the ergonomics, and the usability.

(6) Enterprises are developing towards specialization and scale: my country's food packaging machinery must take the road of specialized production. Rely on simple repetition. The method of expanding production volume is not feasible, and medium and high-end equipment must be developed. Efforts to improve the technical content, make products more refined, specialized, and stronger.

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