What is a computerized combination weigher?

  • 2021-04-09

Computer Combination Weigher are also called multi-head weighing machines. There are 8-head weigher, 10-head weigher, 12-head weigher, 14-head weigher, 16-head weigher, 24-head weigher and more, each of which is a separate weigher. Both can be weighed independently.

The material is vibrated from the upper chute through the main vibration plate, and the material reaches the line vibration plate of each head. When the first hopper (called the storage hopper) is empty, the material will be vibrated from the line vibration plate to the storage hopper according to the set vibration time. When the weighing hopper below the storage hopper is empty after discharging, the storage hopper is opened, the material is discharged to the weighing hopper, and the weighing hopper starts to weigh.

Assuming that our target weight is 250g, we take a combination of 5 buckets (that is, take the five of them and add them together as the result) for a total of 10, and there are 252 ways to take 5 buckets out of 10. Since we need to take 5 buckets, we use 50g as the target weight of each bucket when setting the vibration time of the linear vibrating plate, so that the vibrated material will be around 50g. Due to the size and amount of the material, it is not very uniform, so The weight of each bucket will be how much, but it will be around 50g, there will be both heavy and light buckets, even if the weight deviation of some buckets is large, it does not matter, because there are 252 ways to take it, and the total weight of 5 buckets can reach The probability of 250g is very high (of course there will be an error of plus or minus 0.1-2g).

Nuts mix multihead weighers

The advantages of the combination weigher are labor saving and high efficiency. The most important thing is that it has high precision and low weight, saving materials. On average, each bag of product can save about 3 grams compared with manual counterweight.

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