Multi-head combination weigher is a smart choice for food merchants

  • 2021-03-31

The multi-head combination weigher is widely used in food packaging and can be suitable for rapid quantitative weighing of various granular, flake, strip, spherical and other materials. Such as candies, fruits (raisins, dates...), nuts (walnuts, pistachios...), pet food, roasted seeds and nuts (melon seeds, peanuts...), puffed foods (potato chips, shrimp crackers...), frozen foods (tangyuan, dumplings...) ), hardware, plastic pellets and other manufacturers that need to be weighed quantitatively.

The multi-head combination weigher is also a wise choice for major food businesses. Why the multi-head combination weigher is particularly favored by various food companies? The following two examples can give everyone a clear answer.

Case 1:

Using a computer 10-head combination weigher for quantitative weighing, compared with a general electronic scale, completes the same work: (1) A 10-head computer combination weigher is required, two operators are required, the speed is 60 bags/min, and the single bag error is 0.3 ~0.5g, the total error is about 14 kg per day, and the total error is about 4 tons per year, while the general electronic scale requires 5 sets, 10 operators, 12 bags/min, single bag error 3 grams, total error per day 86 kg, per year The total error is 26 tons. Obviously, the use of a computerized scale can save the manufacturer 8 manpower and 22 tons of raw materials every year. It is not difficult to see that the choice of multi-head combination weigher is a smart choice for merchants.

Case 2:

A certain candy factory (such as pistachio, product 4g/piece), product specification 200g/bag, working 8 hours a day, working 300 days a year, with an annual output of 1,700 tons. Evaluation index: 10-head combination weigher, measuring cup or general electronic scale Required equipment 1 set 6 sets Production speed 60 10 Labor required 2 12 Single bag error (g) 1g 4g 1 day error (kg) 28kg 114.5kg 1 year error (tons) 8.5 tons 34.5 tons Using a 10-head combination weigher for quantitative weighing than a measuring cup or a general electronic scale can save 10 labors a year and save 26 tons of raw materials.

Choosing a multi-head weigher can not only ensure output, but also improve efficiency. Why not?

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