What are the advantages of using a multi-head scale?

  • 2022-06-07

As the name suggests, the multi-head scale has many "heads", that is, "weighing buckets", which are used in high-speed, high-precision quantitative weighing and packaging systems. It is suitable for fast quantitative weighing of various granular, flake, strip, spherical and other materials. Multi-head scales have many "heads", which are actually "weighing buckets". According to the types of buckets commonly used in the food packaging industry today, they are divided into 8 buckets, 10 buckets, 12 buckets, 14 buckets, 16 buckets, 20 buckets, 24 buckets bucket etc. Let's take a look at the advantages and characteristics of using a multi-head scale. The specific performance is as follows.

Main Feature:
1. During rapid weighing, the vibrator can automatically adjust the vibration amount according to different target weight values, so that the feeding is more uniform and the combination rate is higher.
2. Adopt high-precision digital load cell and AD module for accurate measurement.
3. The changeable signal CAN port and error self-diagnosis function greatly improve the time of troubleshooting and improve efficiency.
4. According to the characteristics of the object to be measured, the opening and closing speed and opening angle of the hopper door can be finely adjusted to prevent material jamming.
5. When combined weighing, you can choose to set multiple blanking and sequential blanking to avoid bulky material blocking the blanking port.
6. The aggregate processing system with the functions of "automatic sorting" and "one-to-two" can directly eliminate unqualified products and directly process the discharge signals sent by two packaging machines.
7. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel, which is clean and hygienic. The fully sealed waterproof design prevents the intrusion of foreign objects and is easy to clean.
8. Two different materials can be weighed at the same time, and two different parameters can be set at the same time.
9. Set different permissions according to different operators, which is convenient for management.
10. The operating system can be used in multiple languages such as Chinese/English/Western according to customer requirements.

It can be seen from this that the weighing speed of the multi-head scale is fast—10 buckets can reach 70 bags/minute, 14 head weigher can reach 120 bags/minute, and the dynamic weighing accuracy is accurate—±0.1~2.0g, High degree of automation----integrate with elevator and packaging machine to automatically complete quantitative packaging system.

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