What are the advantages and principles of multi-head combination scales

  • 2022-06-02

Advantages of Multihead Scales

The multi-head scale has many advantages such as high weighing efficiency and high weighing accuracy, especially the faster speed of the multi-head scale, which makes it popular and loved by the market. High-quality multihead scales are very easy to maintain, with less risk of machine failure, guaranteeing you the best value for money.

The working principle of the multi head combination scale

1. The hoist feeds the material through the feeding plate, so that the material is concentrated on the main vibration plate, and then through the vibration of the main vibration plate, the material is evenly distributed from the main vibration plate to the online vibration plate .

2. If the material in the tray is insufficient or cannot be detected by the material level photoelectric detector, it can transmit a signal to the main board, and then send a feeding signal to the elevator through the main board to feed the material level.

3. The linear vibrator vibrates, and the material is transported to each buffer hopper through the amplitude of the linear vibration and the feeding time.

4. The stepping motor executes the working state, opens the buffer bucket, and transfers the material in the bucket to the weighing bucket. When the weighing hopper participating in the combination is unloaded or the material in the weighing hopper is insufficient, the material in the buffer hopper will be automatically circulated to the weighing hopper.

5. When the material is in the weighing bucket, the weight signal is generated by the sensor, processed into a digital signal by the AD module, and then transmitted to the main board of the intelligent control device through the data bus.

6. The CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket, and then selects the combination weighing bucket closest to the target weight through calculation, analysis, combination, and screening, and sends out the weighed material by the combination scale . Send a ready signal that the combination scale has weighed the material and is ready to discharge.

7. Once the central processing unit receives the allowable release signal from the packaging machine, the central processing unit sends a command to start the drive, the feeding motor opens the selected weighing hopper, and discharges the material into the chute into the collecting hopper. If there is no collecting hopper, directly enter the packaging machine, and send a release signal to the packaging machine, indicating that the material has been discharged.

8. After the weighing hopper is unloaded, the buffer hopper will replenish, weigh and combine the weighing hopper as soon as possible to prepare for the next feeding.

Multi head combination scale is a special equipment for intelligent quantitative weighing and counting measurement. Its use can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce material waste, and greatly improve the economic benefits of production enterprises. In addition, we also have various types of weighing machines, such as weight for stick shaped product, waterproof scale, etc., to meet your various needs.

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