Multihead Weighers Market

  • 2020-09-14
Multihead weighers are used for automatic and accurate weighing of the multiple products used in the different end-use industries. It is generally used in the food processing industry due to its compact design and high technical capabilities. The machine is very efficient and helps companies to increase their production efficiencies and outputs effectively. On the basis of end use, food industry dominates the global multihead weighers market with a market share of approximately 89.9% in 2017. It is further by chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial markets.

Among food industry, some of the prominent product lines include snacks food, meat, poultry, seafood, ready meals, fresh produce, bakery, confectionary, and cereals & grains. Multihead weighers have gained an edge over other type of manual weighing operations as it reduces the overall product giveaway during the weighing process. Snacks food segment accounts for highest market share in the global market due to increasing consumption of the packaged food in the emerging as well as developed economies.

Also, recent developments in the market have helped food processors to weigh fragile products with minimum wastage. The machine is also used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for multiple products. Other industrial segment includes the multihead weighers application in hardware, parts, components, etc.

The  multihead weighers market was valued at US$ 203.2 Mn in 2017, and is forecast to expand at a CAGR of 3.6%, during the forecast period. Globally, there is a shift in preference for plastic bottles, and the glass bottles market might face turbulence during the forecast period, which might affect the multihead weighers market.

The demand for multihead weighers is increasing significantly owing to the several benefits and requirements of multihead weighers in the food industry. The market players dominating the multihead weighers market are focusing on improving the multihead weighers that they contribute to the market. Gantan is the privately owned manufacturing company which specialises in designing and providing multihead weighing solutions. Find your perfect multihead weighers,Combination Weighers here!

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