Multihead weigher solutions in fish and seafood industry

  • 2021-03-10

Due to labor shortages and the need to improve efficiency, automation has become the top priority for optimizing factory output. Not only can the overall work efficiency be greatly improved, but also higher work quality can be guaranteed. For suppliers in the seafood industry, it is particularly important to have a high-quality seafood weighing machine.

Processing and classification

Before specific packaging, fresh mussels need to be sorted thoroughly to ensure the quality of the meat in the mussels.


The optical sorter can be used to sort mussels. It provides a high production capacity of up to 18 tons/hour and can detect defects inside the housing by using near infrared technology. Let us quickly sort out different levels of mussels.

More efficient weighing

We can provide seafood suppliers with professional weighing equipment, aiming to reduce losses in the batching process.

Multihead weigher

Our multihead weighers use vibrating feed to meet the ever-increasing demands for accuracy and speed in the dispensing process. This machine uses smart algorithms to calculate the best combination of the most accurate parts, which ultimately reduces gifts and saves you money.

If you need to process larger parts quickly in batches, we can also process whole or processed fish up to 30 kg in size. This fully automatic machine performs high-speed combined weighing with greater flexibility, speed and accuracy, which significantly reduces gifts and improves efficiency.

After sorting, weighing and distributing seafood products, it goes without saying that they need to be packaged. Our packaging technology is specially designed for raw shrimp to achieve optimal product safety and leak-proof packaging.

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