Gantan Fruit And Vegetable Weighing Machine

  • 2021-03-10

The processing of fruits and vegetables requires gentle processing to maintain important nutrients and deliciousness. Having said that, competition in the fruit and vegetable industry is becoming increasingly fierce, which also requires better and faster machines to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Therefore, Gantan weighing solutions are designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for accuracy and speed in the fruit and vegetable weighing process.

Traditional fruit and vegetable weighing machine use vibration to transfer and dispense products into the weighing pan. The top cone conveys the product to the vibrator chute through vibration. The vibrator chute vibrates the product into the assembly tray through time and amplitude control.

vegetable weighing machine

Gantan fruit/vegetable weigher is customised for handling light leaf product.  Modular control system, Enhanced vibrators to move light leaf effectively, 5L bucket suitable for large volume, Central loadcell for product level control, Robust m.

Features of vegetable multihead weighers:

  • Enhanced vibrators to cope with light leaf
  • Speed adjustable rotary top cone for better product distribution
  • High volume bucket to handle puffy leaf
  • Automatic frequency control of vibration
  • Auto zeroing during operation
  • Self diagnostic in pop up window
  • Multiple dumps for bulk weighing
  • Stagger dump for applications with large unit size
  • Rejection of unqualified weight
  • Live display of individual amplitude
  • Live display of individual weight readings
  • Central loadcell infeed confrolling
  • Forced combination for frozen products

We want to make our vegetable weighing scales and service adding more value to our customers. We are looking forward to build successful business relationship with you in near future.

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