Multihead WEIGHER help Weilong Solved the hygiene problem of spicy strips

  • 2020-12-29

Under the impact of the epidemic, layoffs, salary cuts, and even the company's bankruptcy are nothing new. In the "wailing", the "maverick" Wei Long came to a wave of contrarian operations. During the epidemic, Weilong raised the wages of its employees, and after returning to work, they increased their salaries by an average of 30%, and planned to recruit 1,000 more workers for the Luohe factory in Henan.

How did Weilong sell a fifty-dollar spicy strip on such a scale? Behind the physique of Weilong Internet celebrity, what kind of organization and system are supporting it? What enlightenment does this bring to today's market? Behind the glory, quality problems are frequent and competitors are eager to try. What kind of dangers and hidden worries does Weilong have?

Weilong's founder Liu Weiping is from Pingjiang.

Weilong Spicy Tiao was originally produced in a small workshop. Liu Weiping will bring artificial meat and bean curd from his hometown, plus the true traditions of his mother's dry sauce, to make products that are "slightly sweet, slightly spicy, refreshing, and full of aftertaste", which has received good response in the market. But the product at that time was not the Weilong Spicy Tiao of today. The invention of Weilong Spicy Tiao started with Liu Weiping's experience of eating noodles.

Once, he accidentally bought a bowl of beef tendon noodles, and it tasted very good. After inquiring, Liu Weiping found a small workshop and saw a simple extruder for producing beef tendon noodles. He hurriedly paid the deposit and asked the owner to improve the mold. After a week, the product came out. They added some caramel and chili noodles to make "eel sticks" that looked a bit like unagi, which was later called "spicy sticks" by the people.

Around 2002, after improving equipment, the production of Weilong spicy beef tendon noodles soared. In 2003, Liu Weiping registered the "Weilong Weilong" trademark, and "Weilong Hot Strips" was officially born.

At that time, there were many manufacturers of spicy noodles, all of which were small workshops. But Liu Weiping didn't want to make a fuss. He not only registered the trademark, but also changed the transparent packaging of spicy strips to aluminum foil packaging, and generously started the popularization of spicy strips.

He hired a large number of farmers to push the land, and put posters and flags from the supermarket to the small stalls. He also instilled spicy knowledge into the common people through small street advertisements, writing soft articles, and giving lectures on health knowledge.

Preliminary market testing and expansion with ground-based promotion is not only economical and affordable, but also has immediate results. Weilong soon opened the Luohe market and began to expand to Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and even the whole country.

In 2014, Weilong invested a lot of money to establish the third production base of Weilai Foods, and the production line of dry crispy noodles and konjac was completed and put into production. Weilong adopts a fully automated aseptic production workshop with food Multihead WEIGHER, and specially invited a professional team to take photos in the production workshop. As the photos became popular on Weibo, more and more consumers are paying for Weilong's clean, hygienic and modern products.

In November 2015, Weilong Hot Strips appeared on Weilong has become another Chinese seasoning "luxury" after Lao Ganma, earning enough attention at home and abroad.

In 2014, at a time of crisis of trust in the spicy strip industry, Weilong cooperated with the live broadcast of the factory when completing the renovation of its own WEIGHER for spicy sticks, and “washed white” the “junk food” spicy strips; in October 2015, Weilong imitated "Trojan Dragon" Shooting spoof videos; Double 11 launched activities to find Scorpio around the theme of childhood food... These activities quickly doubled Weilong’s sales, but more importantly, Weilong established an emotional connection with users through nationwide marketing and successfully crossed over Close the gap between the brand and the user.

Today's users are no longer satisfied with the boring action of buying things, but care more about the sense of value the product brings. The consumption of luxury goods is exactly this logic. Users buy not only a bag, but also the emotional and value interactions in it. In the era of word-of-mouth communication, only products that can trigger users to share can form a closed sales loop. In an era related to elements such as bad taste, funny, and entertainment, the continuous successful marketing two or three times a year keeps Weilong active in the eyes of consumers.

In general, Weilong has been relatively stable since its establishment. Behind the creation of its internet celebrity physique, it is actually a concentrated expression of user thinking. Through the continuous creation and upgrading of production lines and products, thanks to the fully automatic packaging machine, Weilong is also rectifying the name of La Tiao, while also constantly building its own barriers to competition in this low-end field. At the same time, through the matching of people and goods, online and offline integrated sales methods, and deep-level user emotional interaction, it provides a good example for the industry.

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