Main Features And Benefits Of Combination Weighers

  • 2020-12-21

Gantan combination weigher is a highly accurate and space-saving solution, which is very suitable for various food packaging applications. Whether your business is agricultural product packaging, poultry packaging, grain packaging, frozen food packaging or difficult-to-handle products, we can see it all. Triangle's weighing and food packaging solutions have the following functions and advantages:

Easy to operate control

Non-proprietary controls are easy to use and easy to maintain. It allows us to provide bagging machine and scale at the same time through a control box, which is the first in the industry! Reliable and scalable, we provide advanced diagnostics and easy network data collection.

Feeding system-optimal product flow

Gantan scale provides 3 different feeding methods according to your product characteristics: vibrating plate, hopper or unique belt feeding system for fresh products. This ensures the best product distribution and weight accuracy. All designs have a quick function that can be manually disassembled for convenience and hygiene. The separate tray design provides a variety of product mixing options. Can provide smooth or hard texture to ensure smooth product flow.

Our portfolio is definitely the gospel of many food suppliers. We will always adhere to our original intention  to provide everyone with the best quality multi head combination weighers and multi-head weighing solution.

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