Multi head Weighers VS Traditional Quantitative Packaging Scale-----Part 2

  • 2021-04-30

Above we introduced the difference in weighing principles between the multi-head combination weigher and the traditional quantitative weigher. Next, GanTan will introduce the difference between the two from the other two aspects:

Second, the difference in weighing speed

Traditional quantitative automatic packaging scales generally have to go through the weighing process of coarse measurement and fine measurement, especially the process of fine measurement needs to be added bit by bit, which takes a long time and affects the weighing speed.

For example: 14 Head Multihead Weigher

Quantity within 1 kg of materials;

Traditional scale: 20-30 bags/minute;

Computer scale: 100-120 bags/minute;

Conclusion: The Multihead Weigher is 4-6 times more efficient than the traditional packaging weigher.

Three, the difference in weighing range

When the accuracy is the same, the weighing range of the Combination Weigher is much larger than that of the quantitative automatic packaging scale. Generally, the weighing range of the quantitative automatic packaging scale under the same accuracy is controlled within 4 times, while the computer combination weigher is in the small scale. The weighing range can reach more than ten times.

For example, in the weighing range of more than ten grams to 1 kg, the ultra-high-precision weighing level requirements of the computer combination weigher are more important in the small weighing section. Under the same circumstances, the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale can only achieve a certain accuracy requirement of the manufacturer only by reducing the weighing range and forming a multi-segment weighing, relying on the joint assistance of multiple products.

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