Multi head Weighers VS Traditional Quantitative Packaging Scale-----Part 1

  • 2021-04-30

With the rapid development of modern industry, the packaging industry has higher requirements in terms of packaging accuracy, packaging speed, and packaging range. Traditional quantitative automatic packaging scales have been difficult to meet these requirements, and computer combination weighers are under this situation. Developed, what are the differences between the multi-head combination weigher and the traditional quantitative automatic packaging weigher? In this issue, let’s take a brief look:

1. The difference in weighing accuracy caused by different weighing principles

*Different weighing principles

Quantitative automatic packaging scales are weighing while feeding, and continue to feed until the target weight data is reached. When the target weight is slightly different, a weighing object must be added, that is, rough weighing and then fine weighing. Larger or heavier, there will be greater error, this is where the accuracy of its weighing is affected.

The computer combination weigher is composed of multiple weighing units with independent feeding and discharging structures. Generally, the computer combination weigher is composed of 8 to 32 weighing units. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize and calculate the load of each weighing unit, and obtain the best and closest combination for packaging.

For example: 10-head computer quantitative combination weigher

When weighing, each weighing unit is weighed, and the weight data of each weighing hopper is read into the computer, and the computer makes an optimal combination. According to combinatorial mathematics, ten weighing units can achieve 1023 combinations. The computer selects the combination that is closest to the target weight value from these 1023 combinations.

*Check the data reliability is different

Since the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale is weighing while feeding, the sensor is weighed under dynamic conditions. If the weighed object is impacted or bounced, the sensor will sense unstable weight data and cause errors, and the computer The vibration feed of the combination weigher is carried out to the buffer hopper, and the weighing of the weighing hopper is carried out in a stable condition, so the weight data obtained is more accurate.

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