Mixed Nuts Combination Weigher

  • 2021-03-24
This mixed nut combination weigher can automatically pause when it is short of material, making the weighing more stable. Many manufacturers now use combination scales, and the combination scale greatly improves production efficiency. Our combination weigher can be applied to a variety of materials, and the operation is simple and convenient. One weigher is capable of handling up to 8 products mixing. Additional counting device is not required.

Picture of mixed nut combination weigher:
mixed nut combination weigher
Our Advantages
Less Heads, More Combination
Only 24 heads is required to make 6 kinds mixing
Compact size, diameter of the weigher is 1350inmz limited space required.

Features of combination weigher:
1. Use high-precision, high-standard special sensors;
2. The whole machine runs more smoothly, and the stability and accuracy are higher;
3. The arc-corner-shaped case and the new case cover make the machine more beautiful and more coordinated;
4. Memory bucket provids doubled combination, each kind is individually weigTied without losing speed;
5. Intelligent auto compensation to reduce giveaway, Modular design to ensure minimum fail rate;
6. Enhanced CPU, calculation speed increased by 15;

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