Is A Multi-head Weigher Machine Right for Your Business?

  • 2021-03-05
Multi-head weighers as a quantitative weighing equipment, the multi-head weigher has a variety of models and is widely used. Different models of multi-head weighers have different applicable products. The multi-head weigher machine is now being widely used across different sectors of industry production. No doubt you will find this machine is exceptionally helpful whether your business deals with food or non-food products.

How does it work?

To maximize the efficiency of your multi-head weigher, you must learn how it works and how best to maintain it.

A multi-head weighing machine works by comparing the partial weight of the products with the targeted weight of the multi-head weigher.

You simply feed the items to the top of the multi-head weigher machine and let it work its magic. After dispersing the items to weight hopper, the multi-head weighing machine computes the weight of each individual weight hopper and compares it to the target weight.

    Fast Filling
    Packaging has been a major task in most industries production. For example, you have a thousand products, how do you fill them into the respective bags? The task can be overly daunting even for a dozen-men team. With this incredible automatic multi-head weighing and packaging machine, you no longer have to worry about filling, as it can fill thousands of bags in only a few minutes. Time and manpower saved!

    Accurate Weighing
    Weighing tens of thousands of products can get quickly tiring – if not impossible. Worse, there are standards that must be obeyed. Therefore, every reliable business needs one of these life-saver to stay afloat.

    Multiple Weight at the Same Time
    Mix weighing has never been easier. With a multi-head weigher, you can totally weight different products at the same time. The number of possible products will depend on the number of heads your weighing machine comes with. This 10 heads multihead weigher, for example, can weigh up to serval different products at the same time. Saving you the time and resources at a time.

    With the exceptional perks of multi-head weighing machines, we can all agree that a professional and trust-worthy multihead weigher manufacturer really thought of everything.

The multi-head weigher manufacturer also warmly reminds: If you want to buy our multi-head weigher, please also specify the requirements for the purchase, for example, what materials are used, how many processes, what functions are needed, etc., so that we can help us You recommend a multi-head weigher suitable for your use.

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