Linear weighers and Multihead weighers which are you should choose

  • 2021-02-26
Linear weighers typically have two channels: a bulk-feed channel which fills the majority of the weight; and a small channel that tops it up more slowly to accurately reach the correct weight at the end of each cycle. This format is also known as a ‘rough and fine’ weigher and is often used where pieceweight is varied.

Multihead weighers – also known as combination weighers – on the other hand, feed a proportion of the target weight simultaneously into a number of weigh buckets or hoppers. The controls then establish which buckets hold the combination closest to target weight and signal these to be discharged.

“A multihead is actually 10 to 28 linear weighers built together. Here we do not fill the exact amount of product into each weighing bucket, but approximately a third of the target weight. Then the controls combine three different weighing buckets  in order to reach the correct portion size and releases these into the pack. Once this has been done, three other buckets are ready to be emptied,” says Hope.

Multihead variations

There are also variations on the combination multihead. Screw feeds are used in multihead systems where goods are particularly viscous and cannot be fed by vibration. This configuration is known as a screw feed weigher. Combination multiheads can also be supplied with the pockets in a linear rather than radial orientation, a format generally reserved for fresh or fragile products requiring very accurate feed control.

Each weigh hopper is equipped with a highly accurate load cell. This load cell will calculate the weight of product in the weigh hopper. The processor in the multihead Weigher will then calculate the best combination of available weights required to achieve the desired target weight. This is why Multihead weighers are sometimes referred to as Combination weighers.

Once the calculation is complete it will open the selected weigh hoppers and discharge the accurately weighed portion into your bagging system or product trays. The feed hopper will then automatically open and fill the empty weigh hopper. The more Weigh heads on your multi-head weighing machine, the faster it can calculate a correct combination, and the more accurately weighed portions of product can be produced in the same time period.

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