Improving sustainability with advanced weighing equipment

  • 2020-10-09

Productivity has been the watch-word of the food production industry for decades, with millions of dollars spent on finding new ways to get more done within the same time and input. As the need to reduce waste, conserve energy and protect the environment becomes increasingly urgent, this drive for innovation can equally be applied to helping production facilities become more sustainable. As discussed in our most recent blogs, effective weighing equipment can help producers drastically improve their ROI – but the benefits don’t end there. Via a few simple, yet smart features, the right weighing solution can help manufacturers maximise output, while reducing waste and minimising their impact on the planet.

Toggle less is more

The first step to improving productivity and sustainability is accuracy. A weighing solution that can deliver fast, accurate multihead weighing machine represents the peak of efficiency in terms of energy usage as well as output. Systems which use toggle-less buckets can help achieve faster, more precise weighing, for a more sustainable process. Featuring an innovative, open and close mechanism, toggle‐less buckets reduce the mechanical impact on the weighing load cell, decreasing vibration settle time and resulting in quicker, more precise weighing.

Good vibrations

Ensuring an accurate control of product feed through the weighing system is another key consideration for improving sustainability. The most effective weighing solutions ensure an even and controlled stream of product is maintained. Reduced environmental impact and significant cost savings can therefore be achieved by choosing a weighing solution designed for smart, steady control.

Biting back consumption

In a world where margins are squeezed; an accurate, consistent and effective weighing system is one of the keys to improving manufacturing performance and profitability. As stated earlier, intelligent feedback control is vital for ensuring even product flow. This ensures repeatable, controllable weights and high efficiency, which in turn allows other upstream and downstream equipment to function at optimum levels where stop, starts and missed cycles can be detrimental to performance.

Encoders placed on the doors of hoppers are used to validate the optimum open‐close pattern for each component and feedback to the system controls, allows for instant corrections or error alerts. This feedback is also used to ensure that product is not trapped between hopper doors. The quick and accurate detection of jams ensures immediate action, resulting in reduced waste and minimises production downtime. Intelligent feeder feedback control also reduces the power‐consumption of a weighing solution by up to 60%, while also reducing the waste and rework considerably.

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