Gantan Fully Automatic Precision Salad Weighers

  • 2020-09-27
Salad, in the eyes of the consumer, it's a simple product. Salad comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. But if we were to take it back to its raw form, it has just arrived from the farm, has been cut and washed and then needs to be accurately weighed and packaged ready for the shelves without delay.
Salad Weigherssalad Multihead weighers
Multihead weighers make fully automatic mixing and weighing of different salad components possible.

Gantan has been providing salad weighing and packaging solutions since the early 2009 and we have evolved and adapted our solutions based on many different products and global customer feedback. As a market leader in this field, we offer the optimal "customized" system solutions.

To overcome these challenging product characteristics, we have developed and tailored the design features on our specialist salad multihead weighers without compromise;

Enhanced vibrators to cope with light leaf
Speed adjustable rotary top cone for better product distribution
High volume bucket to handle puffy leaf
Automatic frequency control of vibration
Auto zeroing during operation
Self diagnostic in pop up window
Multiple dumps for bulk weighing
Stagger dump for applications with large unit size
Rejection of unqualified weight
Live display of individual amplitude
Live display of individual weight readings
Central load cell infeed controlling
Forced combination for frozen products

As a developer and manufacturer of combination weighers, Gantan is able to address any customer requirements quickly and with an unique approach. A team of specialists consisting of application technicians, engineers, hardware and software developers come up with the right solution for your weighing and packaging needs.

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